High Resolution Photo Shoot  Package Only 465.00
You receieve all your  images on disk  including 3 retouched finshed images!!
Additional finished images only 40.00 per image!! Prints are extra.
Convenient Scheduling!!

*We Are Also Available For Location Photography, Please Call For Estimate

*Basic  Package      1 hour studio   time  and   1  8x10  or  8x12 print      250.00

* Print Price Saver  Package*  requires 2 hour minimum studio  time all regular prints are 50% off regular price.

Studio   time   Call For Rate


Studio Time   Call For Rate

Prints    5x7    10.00    plus 25.00 for  first  image then 10.00  per duplicate print.
            8x10   50.00
            8x12   50.00
            All print prices require  one hour  minimum studio time.

Large Prints and Specialty Products

    24x36 Collage print up to 6 photos  with  one large main photo  250.00             requires 2 hours Studio  time  *Best Value*

    8x10   12-photo calendars   75.00  each  requires 2 hours studio  time.

Graphics and artwork  75.00  per hour  one  hour  minimum.
All prints  are  professionally  finished.
Collage Samples